Sunday, December 25, 2011

My 1st Trekking at Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh

My 1st Trekking

DATE: December 25, 2011

ROUTE: Ramapuram, Chennai – Porur – Poonamalle – Thiruvallur – Utthukottai – Nagalapuram – Aaree and Back

PLACE: Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh, India

Anbu Mani and  I were discussed two days before  about Nagalapuram trekking. If we free at weekend we will go to Nagalapuram, i.e., ours plan.

On December 24, Saturday night we both confirmed the Nagalapuram trekking plan.

On December 25, Sunday, I woke-up at 3:30 am and ready for trekking and rode to Anbu’s Home at Ramapuram and from there, then we have traveled to Nagalapuram by his Bike [up and down - 180 km].

Morning Weather was very chill and cool, we were had frozen.

Anbu was going this place second time,  it’s first trekking to me, no idea (about route or area). So, I have followed  Anbu.

We reached  Uttukottai around 7 am and had  breakfast and waited for Chennai Trekking Club Members, but if they went to other place or taken other route. So we continued our traveling.

We reached Aaree and we walked from Aaree village to Hills 3~3.5 km.

At entrance, there is a lake, filled with water (winter season that’s why lake otherwise only half or quarter of its capacity were filled, nice view), then we walked toward  forest. It was very beautifully and very peacefully…

          Anbu told me about his previous trekking experience and singing (shouting J) song, make a noise!!!!!!…

Around 1:30 pm, we reached (searching waterfall but failed to find) at some point, we lost hope finding waterfall, also hungry and little bit tired, so we both had discussion and decided to return…

We ate fruits, Biscuits, Bread, dates, and etc.

While come back, we both taken bath at stream, water was so chill and refreshing one. The moment I fell on water, I feel strange thing in my body, all my tiredness, leg pain, hungry were filed away. What a pleasant moment!!!

We enjoyed all moments during the trekking…

With full of happy and freshness in body and mind,  we came back to Chennai…