Saturday, August 6, 2011

My 10th hundred + km ride

104 kilometers in 4 hours and 29 minsMax. Speed is 39.79kph
Average cadence is 70 per minutes

This is my 10th hundred + km rode. So I’m very happy to share this rode. I wake-up on 4 am and ready to rode, Start rode from room at 4:30 am, Madhiya Kailash to Toll gate, meet Mr. Sunder, Mr. Suresh, Mr. Sham, Mr. Vasan, Mr. Krishna, Mr. Parda, Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Kannthappa and friends and continue rode to Mahapallipuram and back to toll gate. We are split move to home. Rode at OMR I need more than 10k so I rode Pallikaranai-Velachery and come back to room at 11:15 am. Weather is very cool but end of the rode very warm.

Mr. Sundar and me