Sunday, December 18, 2011



Associate with Tamilnadu Cycling Club


ROUTE: From Uthandi Toll Gate near Chennai (ECR) to Pondicherry Toll Gate and back.

DATE: December 18, 2011, 5:30 am to 6:55 pm.

Brevets is an international cycling event, where the riders must complete long distances in a particular time frame. The distance is 200 kms and has to be completed within 12:30 hrs. Otherwise you stand disqualified.

For the first time, the event was conducted in Chennai and about 39 riders participated, many of them are members of Tamilnadu Cycling Club.

In 2011, my dream was riding atleast 200km for a long distance ride.  The longest distance I have ridden 183km (TOT-2010 launch) ride in 2010.

I have been trying for the last 6 months to go for 200 km ride, but could not do this due to my running commitments.

So when I got an opportunity to realize my dream, I participated in the event “Chennai Brevets 200km”.  Since it was my last chance in 2011, I told myself that “I WILL NOT MISS THIS EVENT”.

On 18th December, I woke-up at 3:15 am and got ready for the day.

 I started rode from Velacherry (Room) to Uthandi toll gate and I reached at around 5:00 am.

After completing some formalities for the event, we celebrated NEVILLE’S Birthday.

The event was flagged off by Mr. Srinath Rajam and Mr. Balasundram (Balaji Cycle).

We started our journey at SBI Bank ATM, Uthandi Toll gate at 6:35 am, weather was amazing and it was breezy.

First 100km,

I started with Nevelle, Gopalan, Yuvraj and we did 1 minute one person leader rotation. This means, for every four minutes, I will follow a leader for 3 minutes and then be a leader for a minute.

We reached Mahapallipuram A2B restaurant and we had breakfast.  After breakfast   we continued the ride.

During the first 100 km, Upto 70th km we maintained an average speed 24~26 km per hour.

I had water every 10~12 minutes and ate some Fruits, Chocolates.

I was little tired and had to slowdown.  So I missed my group at 70th km.

I reached Pondicherry Toll gate on 10:50 am.  I have completed first 100 km in 4 Hours and 15 minutes.

I did some stretches and took rest for 20 minutes.

Second 100km,

I started with Suresh, Tamilarazan and Kriruba.

The return journey was a KILLER. ECR (East Coast Road) had very heavy head winds and it was struggle fighting the winds all the way back. At times the wind was so strong that it was pushing from someone you off the road.  

We could not maintain an average speed, but we managed to keep riding.

I drank water every 10 minutes, few cup of Coffee, juices, fruits and Chocolates.
I successfully finished “Brevets 200km” at 11:25 hrs and we took snaps the end of the ride.  I was dropped back to my room by Tamilarazan in his Car…
I like to thank Partha, Arun and volunteer support team.

Thanks for the wishes and god blesses you all.