Thursday, November 24, 2011

#20. 4th AirTel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) — 2011 at Delhi, India

4th AirTel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) — 2011 at Delhi, India

On November 24th, I participated in my 20th Marathon event “ADHM – 2011” at Delhi.

I completed my office work and called my family and friends before my Delhi Journey. My family and friends wished me well and blessed me.

Before leaving, I went through the checklist for Garmin, Camera, Train tickets, Snacks, Water, and Dresses.

I reached Guindy Railway station and caught the local train.

It was raining when we reached Park Station and then I proceeded to Central Station.

I met other two co-runners and participants for the event (Anbu and Jagadeesan).  We boarded the train at 10 pm and after a few minutes of chat went to sleep.  DAY 1 happily finished.
On November 25th, I woke up at around 9:00 am.  The train was on its way to Warangal. We had breakfast and discussed about the event.  Jaga gave me some tips for running at Delhi. After that we started playing cards and then continued playing till night, eating, and also joy of seeing nature pass by from the train’s windows. Day 2 happily ends…

On November 26th, we reached New Delhi Railway station around 8:30 am.  We took the local bus and went to Chanakyapuri.  We checked-in at the Youth Hostel.  The room was a dormitory with eight beds. There were many runners from Chennai, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, and Chandigarh sharing the dorm.  I was happy to meet other runners and then we proceeded to the expo to collect the BIBs.

After enquiring to find our way to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JNS), we were asked to take the metro rail.  We walked from the youth hostel to the nearby metro station and went to JNS. 

We enjoyed the travel in Metro rail.  It is well maintained, each station had security checks, well marked platforms, fully automated doors and the information in the train informing the passengers of the next station.

After waiting in  a long queue, we were allowed inside JNS for the BIB collection. We met Ram Kumar and Usha.  They had helped me with this event in the previous year.

We collected the Bib, Timing Chip and Goody bag.  We headed back to the hostel and had a worst dinner at road side hotel.  Day 3 joyfully finished…

On November 27th, we woke up at around 4 am and got ready for the event. We all took the Call Taxi and reached the JNS around 5:30 am. There was big crowed and we found out our category (A, B, C) entrances and went to our positions.

I was in the C category and I reached my position around 6:15 am. The weather was freezing and I was feeling very cold.  I had to wait for 55 minutes in the cold and bitter weather.

Sharply at 7:10 am the event was started.  The Elites athletes were flagged off and then the different categories of A, B and C followed them.

I crossed the starting point at 7:12 am. This time the course was fully flat, no ups and downs.

So I started to run at my own pace, the body had to warm up in the first km and then I started to enjoy the weather since it was cool and lovely.

My plan was to complete the first 10.5 kms at an average speed of 12 kms / hour. I then wanted to increase the speed to 12 + kms/ hour for the second half.

I took water breaks at 3k, 6k, 9k, and 16k.

First 10.5k, I maintained my average speed and midway near India Gate I saw Jaga in opposite running back to stadium.

I cheered on him and shouted Come on! Jaga Come on!  At this point Jaga must have been running at 16+kph.

After the first 10.5 kms, I felt that my speed level was down.

So I found out a pace-setter and then I just followed him up to 300m to 400m till the finish.

I then overtook him and I successfully finished 21.09km at 01:44:58 hrs.

As compared to the previous year I was slower by 5 minutes.  I hope to break my record next year.

I feel there were no mistakes in my plan during the run and I enjoyed participating in the event.

Later, all of us met.  My Friend Jaga was finished 21.09km at 01:19:20 hrs.

I was very happy since he qualified for Elites Athletes category.  We took snaps after having a gala time and we reached the hostel to freshen up.

The event was well-organized and we had a lovely team of supporting, Music and cheering volunteers.

We had wonderful meals at Youth Hostel and we reached New Delhi Station to board the Tamilnadu Express at 10.30 pm.

We all went to sleep after boarding the train. Day 4 Gladly finished…

On November 28th, I woke up around 8:00 am and we had breakfast and started playing cards, continued to eat, sleep, play and sleep. Day 5 happily finished…

On November 29th, I woke up around 6:00 am and we discussed about the upcoming events. Finally we went home with the memories of our event. Day 6 successfully finished…

Friday, November 11, 2011

#19. 13th edition MARG Chennai Runners 10K & Half Marathon 2011 @ IIT Madras Campus


This was my 19th Marathon event.  I was happy participate to this event.

       When the announcement for the event was made, I started my plans to run this marathon and prepared myself both mentally and physically.

       I was glad to invite all my friends and relatives by phone calls, sms, emails, message through Facebook and Dailymile website.

       The speciality of the event is the 10 x 10 run.  I started to do a 10 x 10 and completed my runs for four days.  Unfortunately I could not complete the 10 x 10 due to personal commitments (my joining a new office and travel to home town for diwali).  So, I missed the medal for the 10 x 10.  I will definitely not miss it next year.

       During the week end runs, I discussed about the event with my co-runners.

       Ram gave me a lovely event poster and I shared this with my friends and office colleagues.

       On Friday, I cycled to Bala’s office in the rains to collect the BIB.  I met his family and Avinash.  I was very happy to meet them at the time of BIB collection.

On November 6, 2011, Sunday, we woke up at 4 am and were ready for the event.  Me and my friend cycled to IIT campus and we reached IIT Open Air Theater (Starting point) at 5:30 am.

       I met all our Chennai Runners friends, warmed-up for a few minutes. My friend Anand joined to volunteer and he encouraged all runners.

       As the Digital clock showed 06:00 am, SLMP whistled to start the event.  All runners started running.

        I started with Sundar and followed him till the 4 kms mark. We ran at 12~13 km speed.

       After I took a water break, I missed him.   I continued to run at 11~12 km speed.

       Mid-way I met Venkatesh. He was riding and encouraging all runners.  He also gave me some running tips. It was very useful for me.  I like to thank Venkatesh.  

       Our Co-Chennai runners were at the aid section.  They all encouraged me and were cheering me “Come on Anand… Come on Anand…”. This made me to restore the energy in my body.  I successfully completed this event in 1 hour 51 minutes.

       A child gave me a medal and I was very happy.

       I collected T-shirt of this Marathon event and I took snaps with my friends and Co-Chennai Runners.

       It was such a wonderful event and I enjoyed every moment of it.  The post run music, food and the silambattam performance by the group was awesome.

       Afterwards, I went to the finishing point and gave medals to many finishers.

       The running Course at IIT Madras Campus was very amazing, with lot of trees on both the sides.

       I also saw deer and it was like a forest.  I loved to run in this route.

       The weather was very nice and my Special thanks to the rain Gods.

       I also thank the Organizers and volunteers for organizing this wonderful event.

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