Sunday, December 25, 2011

My 1st Trekking at Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh

My 1st Trekking

DATE: December 25, 2011

ROUTE: Ramapuram, Chennai – Porur – Poonamalle – Thiruvallur – Utthukottai – Nagalapuram – Aaree and Back

PLACE: Nagalapuram Hills, Andhra Pradesh, India

Anbu Mani and  I were discussed two days before  about Nagalapuram trekking. If we free at weekend we will go to Nagalapuram, i.e., ours plan.

On December 24, Saturday night we both confirmed the Nagalapuram trekking plan.

On December 25, Sunday, I woke-up at 3:30 am and ready for trekking and rode to Anbu’s Home at Ramapuram and from there, then we have traveled to Nagalapuram by his Bike [up and down - 180 km].

Morning Weather was very chill and cool, we were had frozen.

Anbu was going this place second time,  it’s first trekking to me, no idea (about route or area). So, I have followed  Anbu.

We reached  Uttukottai around 7 am and had  breakfast and waited for Chennai Trekking Club Members, but if they went to other place or taken other route. So we continued our traveling.

We reached Aaree and we walked from Aaree village to Hills 3~3.5 km.

At entrance, there is a lake, filled with water (winter season that’s why lake otherwise only half or quarter of its capacity were filled, nice view), then we walked toward  forest. It was very beautifully and very peacefully…

          Anbu told me about his previous trekking experience and singing (shouting J) song, make a noise!!!!!!…

Around 1:30 pm, we reached (searching waterfall but failed to find) at some point, we lost hope finding waterfall, also hungry and little bit tired, so we both had discussion and decided to return…

We ate fruits, Biscuits, Bread, dates, and etc.

While come back, we both taken bath at stream, water was so chill and refreshing one. The moment I fell on water, I feel strange thing in my body, all my tiredness, leg pain, hungry were filed away. What a pleasant moment!!!

We enjoyed all moments during the trekking…

With full of happy and freshness in body and mind,  we came back to Chennai…

Sunday, December 18, 2011



Associate with Tamilnadu Cycling Club


ROUTE: From Uthandi Toll Gate near Chennai (ECR) to Pondicherry Toll Gate and back.

DATE: December 18, 2011, 5:30 am to 6:55 pm.

Brevets is an international cycling event, where the riders must complete long distances in a particular time frame. The distance is 200 kms and has to be completed within 12:30 hrs. Otherwise you stand disqualified.

For the first time, the event was conducted in Chennai and about 39 riders participated, many of them are members of Tamilnadu Cycling Club.

In 2011, my dream was riding atleast 200km for a long distance ride.  The longest distance I have ridden 183km (TOT-2010 launch) ride in 2010.

I have been trying for the last 6 months to go for 200 km ride, but could not do this due to my running commitments.

So when I got an opportunity to realize my dream, I participated in the event “Chennai Brevets 200km”.  Since it was my last chance in 2011, I told myself that “I WILL NOT MISS THIS EVENT”.

On 18th December, I woke-up at 3:15 am and got ready for the day.

 I started rode from Velacherry (Room) to Uthandi toll gate and I reached at around 5:00 am.

After completing some formalities for the event, we celebrated NEVILLE’S Birthday.

The event was flagged off by Mr. Srinath Rajam and Mr. Balasundram (Balaji Cycle).

We started our journey at SBI Bank ATM, Uthandi Toll gate at 6:35 am, weather was amazing and it was breezy.

First 100km,

I started with Nevelle, Gopalan, Yuvraj and we did 1 minute one person leader rotation. This means, for every four minutes, I will follow a leader for 3 minutes and then be a leader for a minute.

We reached Mahapallipuram A2B restaurant and we had breakfast.  After breakfast   we continued the ride.

During the first 100 km, Upto 70th km we maintained an average speed 24~26 km per hour.

I had water every 10~12 minutes and ate some Fruits, Chocolates.

I was little tired and had to slowdown.  So I missed my group at 70th km.

I reached Pondicherry Toll gate on 10:50 am.  I have completed first 100 km in 4 Hours and 15 minutes.

I did some stretches and took rest for 20 minutes.

Second 100km,

I started with Suresh, Tamilarazan and Kriruba.

The return journey was a KILLER. ECR (East Coast Road) had very heavy head winds and it was struggle fighting the winds all the way back. At times the wind was so strong that it was pushing from someone you off the road.  

We could not maintain an average speed, but we managed to keep riding.

I drank water every 10 minutes, few cup of Coffee, juices, fruits and Chocolates.
I successfully finished “Brevets 200km” at 11:25 hrs and we took snaps the end of the ride.  I was dropped back to my room by Tamilarazan in his Car…
I like to thank Partha, Arun and volunteer support team.

Thanks for the wishes and god blesses you all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

#21. Goa River Half Marathon (GRHM) — 2011 at Goa

Goa River Half Marathon (GRHM) — 2011 at Goa

On December 9th, I participated in my 21st Marathon event “GRHM – 2011” at Goa.

I completed my office work and called my family and friends before my Goa Journey. My family and friends wished me well and blessed me.

Before leaving, I went through the checklist for Garmin, Camera, Train tickets, Snacks, Water, and Dresses.

I reached Guindy at 1:30 pm to board the Vaso Express at 14.10 hrs.

My friend Anbu bought 2 tickets we both met around 1:40 pm at Guindy Railway station and proceeded to Central Station by a local train.

We reached Park Station at 14.00 hrs and sprinted to board Vasco Express at 14.10 hrs. The train left 5 minutes late and we were able to catch our breath after a few minutes.

After we boarded the train we started playing cards and we enjoyed Elagiri Hills in the evening.  We took some snaps of this amazing scenery from the train.  We reached Yesvantpur Junction, had our dinner and went to sleep.  Day 1 happily finished…

On December 10th, I woke up around 6:00 am and train was on its way to HUBLI.

We had breakfast and we were ready to enjoy the travel from Castle Rock to Kulem hills.

It was very amazing travel with a lot of “S” band curves, tress on both sides, 20+ tunnels.  The train was going slowly and then we say Dudhsagar falls. The travel through mountains lasted three hours and we enjoyed this very much

We reached around 2:30 pm at Vasco railway station and went to bib collection expo at Municipal garden, Swatantrapath, Vasco.

We collected Bib, Timing Chip and Goody bag, and we met Ashwin (RFL).

We test ran for Puma “Faas 300” shoes. The shoes were very nice to run.

We checked in the hotel and had a good lunch at a Udupi restaurant.

After returning to the hotel, we saw the movie “Death Race and 2012”.  We had dinner and prepared for the event.  Day 2 joyfully finished…

On December 11th, we woke up around 4 am and got ready for the event. We walked from hotel to Municipal Garden and caught the event organizers buses to reach the starting point.

We warmed-up for a few minutes and I thought about a plan similar to the Delhi Half marathon.

(First 10.5k average 12km/hr and second 10.5k increase my speed 12km+…)

Half Marathon event countdown was started sharply 6:00am. 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0... Start… All participants started running.  I’m also started running my own pace…

The course was more up and down (like a hills runs), marked every kms, every kms aid station and good support volunteers.

I remember Jaga’s advice on hill running “Hills upwards: slightly down your head and short steps. Hills downwards: look forward and long step. It helps you maintain your average speed and also save energy…”

I took water breaks at 3k, 6k, 9k, 12k and 16k.

First 10.5k, I maintained my average speed. Midway I see Jaga and I told to him “Your current position is 21st place. So keep going”.

Second 10.5k, I ran with Suresh and at around 2kms, he told me “Break your records. After this I got new energy and increased my pace and maintained my average speed and finally I successfully finished 21.09km at 01:46:48 hrs.

I think this time there were no mistakes on my plan. I’m really happy that I participated in this event.

Later, all our participant friends met. My Friend Jaga (Bib No. 1200) finished 21.09km at 01:23:56 hrs.

After hearing to some good music’s and we started to dance with co-runners and all of us enjoyed.

The event was well-organized and we had a lovely team of supporting, Music’s and cheering volunteers.

We took snaps after having a gala time. We reached the hostel and freshened up to have lunch and caught the train.

Return journey very tough; the train was linked from Goa to Bangalore separate compartment (1 AC, 1 UR, and 1 SL), train was fully crowded.

We had one RAC seat and the other two were waiting listed.  

We went to sleep at the evening after we had dinner and adjusted to be seated.

I think around 12 am I got confirmed seat and I went sleep.

Next year if we go to Goa marathon change the route Chennai – Palakatu – Goa and return. Day 3 gladly and tiredly finished…

On December 12th, we reached Bangalore around 8:00 am and we caught Sanghamitra Exp. at 9:00 am from Bangalore to Chennai.

We played cards sometime and we discussed about the upcoming events and reached Chennai at 3:00 pm.

We finally went home with the memories of our event. Day 4 successfully finished…

 We got new friend and runner from Chennai Mr. Srinivasan, who is eager to participate in many upcoming events.