Sunday, September 18, 2011

#17. 5th Kaveri Trial Marathon [KTM] 2011 @ Srirangapattina, Near Mysore.

KTM Starting point
Start race


Photo By Balaji

 KTM Bib number

With Vasanth

Gramin report

        I went to KTM-2011 Srirangapattina. I’m met Vasanth and we stayed there at Vengatashwara lodge, for two days.  On the first day's afternoon we walked in Sriranapattina to Young Island. We enjoyed the river, nature a lot. After reaching Young Island we collected our Bib, Timing Chip and then met Preethi, Shankar & Suresh (B’lore). We finished dinner and went to rest.
        On the Second day we woke early in the morning at 4:30am began preparing for the event. We planned to walk to Young Island. We started the walk and suddenly one person asked me if I was going to KTM?  I replied yes. And he gave me a lift in the car and dropped me at Young Island. We meet some other friends Selva, Mukesh, Bala family and Ridhima. We were going to the start point of KTM by the bus and then met another friend Bosco. I’m and Bosco did our warm-up session on the road.
        Start time of KTM marathon was 6:15 am. I ran at 11~12 km/hr and maintained the speed till 25th km. I took a water break every 5KM. After completing the 30th km my running speed decreased and I took “salt water” at the 39th KM. At the 40th km I suddenly started vomiting and my head ached a lot, so I stopped running but continued to walk from the 40th to 41st km and finally finished at 10:30 am. My best time 4hrs 15 min 47 Sec for full marathon. We went and relaxed in the Stream River and had lunch at Young Island. We met another friend Balaji. Finally we came back to room and then took rest.